About the Artist
Flowers in water-colour
Copies & pastiches

The Daisies

Pink Everlastings in the Porcelain Pot

Turkish Lilacs

Variegated Irises

Everlastings in the Wicker

The Irises I

White Lilacs

Small Peonies

Lilacs in a Glass Beaker

Lilacs in a Jug I

The Sunflowers in a Jug

Lilacs in a Jug II

Japanese Sunflowers

The Asters

The Irises II

The Nasturtium II

The Violas - Miniature

Wild Flower Bouquet

The Lilacs

The Asters in a Bowl

Peonies and Jasmine

St. Martin\'s Asters

The Corn-flowers

White Lilacs in a Bowl

Irises Azure

Floral Composition with the Pink Lathyrus

Lilacs in a Glass Beaker II

Floral Composition in the Dutch Manner

Rose Bouquet

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