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Aldona Pomianowska is a native painter of Katowice in High Silesia, in the South of Poland. She was born in the family which have artistic traditions: her Father, well-known and respected doctor, was an adorer of the great classical music and of literature, particularly French in the original version. Her talent, the Artist inherited, through her Mother, of the Grand Father - draughtsman and watercolorist, who loved to immortalize landscape and genre scenes seen in the Masovian country.

Aldona Pomianowska was studying at the Academy of Arts in Cracow, in the studio of graphic art of ……………, and subsequently, she graduated from the University of Silesia (the Faculty of Culture and Education). As a result of that, Aldona Pomianowska became an art teacher in a comprehensive school - it is very valuable for her because of the continuous contact with a creative youth.
From 1980, the Artist is a member of Warsaw artistic society. Those relations were intensified on account of her taking part in numerous plain-airs (in Nieborów, Radziejowice, Gąbin, by Pilica…)and in courses led by Alexander Turek, excellent painter, well-known in the society, the professor of famous Academy of Arts in Warsaw.

The creation of Aldona Pomianowska has evolved. Firstly - abstract somewhat, was manifesting itself with paintings of demi-sketch character. Then, the Artist felt inclined to the great traditions of realistic painting, which she continues with dignity, enriching with new tendencies of art. However, it is not the end of the development of her creation, because, as she says, she has not painted her best painted her best image yet, so she still looks for new inspirations.
Among many matters which change, there is one always present in each painting - it is uncommon, deeply experienced sensibility for colours. Because Aldona Pominowska is a colourist, just through the colour - important as well as the play of light and the shadows or sublime combinations of shapes and invoices - her paintings impress spectators.

Most willingly, the Aldona Pomianowska paints flowers, still life and landscapes, with pleasure she also fixes faces o people closely related to her in portraits. Her preferences of subject, as well as the sensibility for colours, result in her sentiment for nature. Because the Artist shares her life between two great loves to the art and to her garden. Both the passions supplement themselves mutually - beautiful flower beds, created in the artistic way, often give models for her paintings, so floral images are dominated by irises, peonies, cresses, sunflowers and lilacs cultivated on her own.

The Artist took part in many individuals and collective exhibitions, among others - in Warsaw, Katowice, Częstochowa, Wrocław. Numerous paintings signed by Aldona Pomianowska adorn private collections in Poland and abroad. The work of the Artist, full of grace and lightness, charming with colour, continually finds many new adorers.

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